Our mission is to engineer the most cost-effective, robust and efficient fan solutions for your unique needs. Mine ventilation fans are supplied as either centrifugal or axial flow – depending on the performance requirements of the mine – and we will select, design and engineer the best solution for your particular application.

So, contact us to create the fan that best suits your requirements.
Custom-designed and engineered
Our mission is to engineer the most cost-effective, robust and efficient fan solutions for your unique needs.

Our range of centrifugal fans includes a variety of types and sizes, all of which can be customised.
As part of our medium-duty to heavy-duty range, these fans can be supplied in various materials, including high-strength carbon steels, stainless steel, super duplex, and titanium.
The following specifications and applications are available in the robustly designed centrifugal fans we offer:

  • Backward-curved, aerofoil-bladed impellers for clean air environments
  • Backward-curved, laminar-bladed impellers for clean air environments
  • Backward and inclined bladed impellers for semi-clean air environments
  • Forward-curved and radial-tipped laminar-bladed impellers with self-cleaning capabilities
  • Radial, laminar-bladed impellers with self-cleaning capabilities
  • Single and double inlet fans
  • Conical or radial impeller front sheet designs
  • High-temperature, centre-line supported fans
  • Single and two-stage high-pressure, high-speed, narrow-width fans
  • Oven and furnace circulating fans

We also offer the following accessories for centrifugal fans:

  • Inlet vane control systems for the regulation of volume flow
  • Inlet louvre control systems for the regulation of volume flow
  • Inlet and outlet silencers
  • Acoustic lagging for fans
  • Inlet and outlet flexible connections
  • Discharge diffusers for optimum performance

Air Blow Fans specialises in complete turnkey ventilation fan installations, including drift work, shaft top bends, self-closing doors, flexible connections, outlet diffusers, instrumentation and control, PLC and variable speed interfacing, e-houses, remote monitoring and predictive maintenance with intelligence. Our scope of fans spans a broad operating envelope, across a wide range of ventilation applications. Their efficient aerofoil-shaped bladed designs provide for a wide range of pressure and flow rate operations in heavy-duty environments.
Where off-the-shelf catalogue fans are not appropriate, ABF can custom design and build to “any” size with well validated design principles and codes.
Depending on aspects such as power requirements and fan configuration, the following specifications and features are available in the specialised axial flow fans we offer:

  • Direct drive
  • Indirect or belt drive
  • Variable blade pitch at rest
  • Steel blades
  • Aluminium blades
  • Split barrels for ease of maintenance
  • A range of sizes, up to 4,000 mm in diameter
Through the innovative use of common mechanical components, we are able to offer highly competitive and cost-effective solutions in the application of axial fans.
Technology, inspired by nature

Our long-serving range of Axial Flow Fans has efficient aerofoil-shaped bladed designs for heavy-duty applications. Designed using state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology and detailed 3D surface modelling, the rotor blades feature forward-sweep to relieve root-attachment stress and to ensure long service life. In addition, the rotors are bowed and twisted to eliminate corner stall at design angles, which are themselves optimised to allow quiet operation, with excellent performance efficiencies.

One of our most recent innovations in fan design comes as a result of studying biomimicry. The outcome is a blade with a wavy surface, which has led to an extended operational envelope. High efficiency and performance across the intended range is maintained through the control of tip clearance losses and vortex shedding, to further reduce flow separation at a high angle of attack.
This technology, inspired by nature, is combined with passive-suction surface-boundary layer control and tandem stators, to reduce power consumption across a broad range of flow rate, pressure and angle settings, thus ensuring quiet operation and separation-free, low-swirl flow at the outlet.

Axial flow mining fans designed with the following features:

  • Direct drive
  • Indirect drive, depending on power needs
  • Variable blade pitch at rest
  • Either Steel or Aluminium blades
  • High efficiency cambered plate, premium efficiency aerofoil cast plate
  • Split barrels, depending on fan configurations
  • Fan sizes from 406 mm (4kW) up to 2,000 mm (110kW) in diameter

An auxiliary fan can either be used attached to suitable ducting, ventilation tubing, pressure bulkhead or as a stand-alone fan, that is, ductless. In the latter case, when used in this mode, it is used as a jet fan. Jet fans are used in mine tunnel longitudinal ventilation, either free standing or attached to the ceiling, and usually include a nozzle to direct the air flow better. Their application in mining operations includes to boost pressure and to ventilate development ends. In industrial applications, they are used for tunnel ventilation, cooling of furnaces and ventilation of service tunnels.

A jet fan operates by discharging a jet of air into the area to be ventilated. They can be installed in an airway where there is a weak prevailing air stream, boosting the flow, in some cases to many times the magnitude of their own inlet volume. The connecting airway length can be 15m to over 100m long. 

The reasons for a ductless, jet fan, system include that ducts could interfere with mining operations, that there are often restrictions to duct sizes and because of leakage due to damage, that ducts may have to be replaced frequently. Jet fans are also ideal for balancing flows in short interconnecting airways.

Axial flow jet fans designed with the following features: 

  • 406mm/4kW to 760mm/45kW
  • Type IP 55, with Class H insulation, motors 
  • Cambered plate rotor blades
  • Fitted with skids for manoeuvrability or lugs for ceiling installation
  • Modular design ensures affordability
  • 2.5 – 3 mm blade clearance 
  • Nozzle parameters calculated for maximum thrust
  • Internals finished with corrosion resistant paint 
  • Externals finished to client-specified colour-scheme
Jet fans are ideal for balancing flows in short interconnecting airways.