Site Service & Support

Apart from the design and manufacture of new fan systems, Air Blow Fabrication provides maintenance and support of existing fans. When it comes to maintenance, we can re-engineer and supply spare parts for all types of fans, including the reproduction of non-standard parts in the absence of specifications. (In such cases, a site visit to collect information about the application is necessary.)


We also refurbish fans or fan components and can provide up-rating (upgrading) and down-rating (downgrading) of fans necessitated by changes in the conditions since the time of installation. With our extensive experience and in-house expertise, we can redesign fans for changed conditions through various methods, including changes to the diameter & width of impellers, blade profiles, etc. to alter the speed. The supply of special coatings or blade and casing liners where fans are operating in abrasive conditions or a chemical environment, as well as on-site dynamic balancing, commissioning and general site assistance can be provided.