Air Blow Fans is Expanding

After two years in our current workshop in Springs, Air Blow Fans is moving to bigger premises just down the road. But there is so much more to the move.

With our primary range of Axial and Centrifugal fans up and running effectively, we recently developed a new range of auxiliary fans, based on biomimicry and advanced aerodynamics. In 2021, with that development in mind, the Air Blow Fans board decided to increase production capacity and buy a facility to allow for the expansion.

Before that, we outsourced a large portion of our manufacturing needs to subcontractors with whom we enjoyed years of strategic relations.

Having started with five production staff in our previous factory, ABF purchased one of our subcontractors a year ago, taking over all of their staff and commencing a training programme in the premium-quality methodologies we implement and maintain. At the same time, we set about seeking the right space and correct skill sets in order to take on more of the construction work ourselves.

Part of this involved an in-house developed intern programme, which began in December 2021.

Our new factory, which is around three times bigger than our previous space, includes both a spray booth and shot blasting booth that can handle all of our largest products. We have also purchased new equipment, including rollers for 35mm steel thicknesses with a span of up to 3m, a press brake, manipulators to handle up to 10 tons for large rotor manufacturing and a new high-definition plasma cutter to cut up to 35mm-thick steel with 100% duty cycle.

So that the growth and development does not stop there, we have increased our capacity on the design and drafting side of things. We are also in the process of developing tooling and jigs to ensure the lowest cost of manufacturing while maintaining the integrity of our designs. Our dedicated, full-time quality management team and site service team round out Air Blow Fans’ development over the past year.