Wet Scrubber Screen Monitoring

Traditionally, in the coal mining industry, underground scrubber screens get blocked over time. Once blocked, the flow rate drops and the amount of dust scrubbing is reduced significantly. To ease the challenge of keeping the screens clear, Air Blow Fans and CDC Dust Control (with whom ABF has a close working relationship) have developed a wireless wet scrubber screen monitor.

The monitor has temperature, pressure and accelerometer sensors, and a haptic vibration driver that connects wirelessly to a smart device. Completely self-contained, the unit operates on battery power.

The monitor has an ATEX Rating of “Ex ia I Ma” (for safety zones 0 and 20). Through intelligent On-board Data Analysis, it is able to estimate mesh screen fouling status, when the fan is nearing aerodynamic stall and helps warn of a fan entering a dangerous operational zone. Mounted directly on a scrubber, the monitor eliminates unnecessary operational stoppages to physically inspect the mesh screen.

The Wireless Wet Scrubber monitor is available exclusively through CDC.